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Episode 72: Why You Are Struggling to Write?

There is nothing worse than being on the writing struggle bus! Yet, when you embark on writing a book, it is almost guaranteed to happen. In today’s episode, I share a few main causes I have experienced and see my clients’ experience on our book writing journey.

Listen to the full episode to get the full explanation and solutions for these:

  1. When/then thinking (ex. when I clean the kitchen, then I’ll write)

2. Know it all first/Shoulding (ex. I should know all the aspects about what I want to write before I begin writing it)

  1. Disconnected from your words (ex. trying to sound or write like someone you are not)

  2. Writing for others (ex. being overly concerned with whether anyone will read or like your writing)

  3. Constantly trying to write THE final draft of the book

Let me know which one of these resonates with you the most and which one are hoping to resolve.

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