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RedPubPod #017 Mike James

Welcome to the Redhawk Publication’s podcast, REDPUBPOD!

Redhawk Publications is honored to have as its virtual guest, poet Mike James. Today’s co-hosts, Robert & Tim, chat with Tennessee poet, Mike James, about his newest collection of poetry, Back Alley Saints at the Tiki Bar, published by Redhawk Publications.

You will hear some intriguing retrospective comments from Mike, including that this specific book has been a culmination of many things. He brings in everything he has learned about poetry while addressing lessons as it relates to today’s icons and reflecting on gender & fluidity. Notions on childhood…. notions of mortality are discussed as well. Back Alley Saints is all new poems, and Mike feels this collection is the book he was born to write.

Mentioned in this pod is Mike’s previous book, Portable Light, also published by Redhawk Publications. This selected collection focuses on his lifework in that it spans his writing between 1991 –2021 or 30 years’ worth of poetry.

Mike reads two poems from Back Alley Saints: St. Jane Mansfield and Last Poem. Mike shares that poet Ted Berrigan said, “we should all write one poem that encapsulates our lives to make it a joyful elegy” and Mike’s Last Poemlovingly and with much grace gives himself a faux send-off. Mike James’ is one of those rare “Poet’s Poet” and you will understand why when you listen to him. Mike gets humanity, so humanity simply digs Mike James! Well done, Mike… Well done!

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Today’s Hosts: Richard Eller, Engineer, – Redhawk Publications, Robert Canipe, Publisher – Redhawk Publications,  Tim Peeler, Senior Editor – Redhawk Publications