I Guess I’ll Do It with Pat House

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I Guess I’ll Do It (with Pat House) features a one-on-one conversation with comedians discussing their earliest comedy influences when they decided they would try stand-up and that very first time they stepped on stage. We chat about our favorite comics, share horror stories from the road, and talk shop about all the joys/nightmares that live within stand-up comedy. 

Mike Rainey

Mike Rainey and I go way, way back in the Philly comedy scene. In fact, he may have said one of the funniest jokes I’ve ever heard on stage (and I completely butcher it during our conversation.) An author, podcaster, and comic, Mike talks about his latest book, On Percs, a truly laugh-out-loud hilarious book where he breaks down all the Facebook statuses he posted during his Percocet addiction. Lots of addiction and Delco talk in this one! Listen to the podcast! Buy his book!

Pat House is a nationally-touring comedian based out of Philadelphia. A regular performer in comedy clubs, casinos, and theaters all over the country, Pat has been a choice opener for Sebastian Maniscalco, Tom Segura, and Dan Cummins. He recorded his first album Biggest Thing in 2013, and his latest album Heard Enough Yesterdayhit #1 on the iTunes comedy chartsBoth can be heard on iTunes, Amazon, and Pandora.

From Mike Rainey…I am a chubby, 43-year-old married father of three children and two cats. I started stand up comedy in 2003. I drank almost every day for a decade, went to rehab for cocaine addiction in 2006 and eventually became addicted to prescription painkillers from 2012-2014. During my painkiller run, I managed to write two books, Terrible Advice and Terrible Advice for Parents. I am very proud of both and neither sold more than 500 copies. I ate shit consistently for over a decade before finding success with a blog I wrote called Terrible Dad Blog.

After Terrible Dad Blog, I was very fortunate to be a part of Delco Proper with my friends. It seemed like it was going to be a TV show, but after filming the pilot, the network said “No thanks, but we’d rather put out some microwaved dog shit that no one will watch,” and it was all over in an instant. I felt like that was it for me. About a year later, my buddy Tim Butterly, the funniest guy on the planet, and I started Dad Meat Podcast. Our listeners, the bubs, made us feel like we should be making stuff again, so we continued to do so and are eternally grateful for them.

In 2021, I started Lil Stinkers Podcast with my friends Jon DelCollo and Jake Mattera, who make me laugh more than anyone else. Both of them indulge me as I talk about serial killers, and just generally fucked up people who do funny stuff. Now, I am proud to present to you my latest book, On Percs, which is a detailed account of my painkiller addiction through the perspective of my Facebook posts and current day analyses of those posts. I hope to sell 5,000 copies of On Percs, which would allow me to quit my day job, spend more time with my family and buy a new Chrysler 300 to make up for the one I had repo’d.

I love my life and I am grateful for all the family, friends and supporters that make it what it is. Thank you for supporting me.