I Guess I’ll Do It with Pat House

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I Guess I’ll Do It (with Pat House) features a one-on-one conversation with comedians discussing their earliest comedy influences when they decided they would try stand-up and that very first time they stepped on stage. We chat about our favorite comics, share horror stories from the road, and talk shop about all the joys/nightmares that live within stand-up comedy. 

Brad Upton

My new best friend, Brad Upton, has the most-viewed Dry Bar comedy special, with over 200 MILLION views. After writing stand-up for six years before he hit an open mic, Brad finally decided to take the stage – then chickened out. He returned a year later and hasn’t stopped. From his early days performing in Seattle, where Bill Nye (yes, THAT Bill Nye) was also a comic in the scene, we discuss his early days in comedy, opening for Joan Rivers, and Dolly Parton and touring with Johnny Mathis to his extremely wild success forty years into his career.

BONUS: Brad tells one of the wildest stories I’ve ever heard on my Podcast: The Diamond Princess – the cruise ship where the first COVID case was discovered and then quarantined in Japan in January 2020 – Brad was the comic on the ship that week.

Fun chat, give it a listen!

Pat House is a nationally-touring comedian based out of Philadelphia. A regular performer in comedy clubs, casinos, and theaters all over the country, Pat has been a choice opener for Sebastian Maniscalco, Tom Segura, and Dan Cummins. He recorded his first album Biggest Thing in 2013, and his latest album Heard Enough Yesterdayhit #1 on the iTunes comedy chartsBoth can be heard on iTunes, Amazon, and Pandora.

The world is discovering comedian Brad Upton after 36 years in the standup business. Brad was teaching the fourth grade and coaching high school track in Pasco, WA when he first stepped on stage in 1984. He quickly decided that he wanted to do standup instead, so he quit teaching in June of 1986 and never looked back.