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RedPubPod #015 Ron Toler and Stephen Henderson, NC Veterans Writing Alliance Foundation

Welcome to the Redhawk Publication’s podcast, REDPUBPOD!

Redhawk Publications is honored to have in the studio two special guests: Ron Toler, USAF – Retired and NC Veterans Writing Alliance Foundation Project Coordinator, and Stephen Henderson, USMC – Retired and NC Veterans Writing Alliance Foundation Project Coordinator.

Join us as hosts Richard and Robert chat with Ron Toler and Stephen Henderson about the recently published collection of veteran’s stories, Brothers and Sisters Like These. This anthology is comprised of a total of 36 veterans sharing over seventy stories, both in prose and poetry form, based on their experiences while serving in the military. Guests Ron and Stephen not only penned stories that make up this unique anthology, but they also are the project’s co-coordinators.

In 2014, a group of veterans gathered at the Charles George VA Medical Center in Asheville to participate in a creative writing program, which resulted in the first published anthology entitled, Brothers Like These. The idea was to get the veterans to write about their shared experiences either in the service or when they processed out. Writing gave them a voice; an opportunity to share their experiences with folks that had gone through the same challenges and even provided an opportunity to heal in some way.

Brothers and Sisters Like These is the most recently published collection which includes women’s voices as well. “We realized we were missing our sisters’ voices, and so this second go-round, women were very much a part of the writing project,” said Toler.

A result of this writing initiative was the creation of the 501 (c) (3) non-profit, The NC Veterans Writing Alliance Foundation. It was formed to continue the unique writing program which now includes all veterans, men and women, from all conflicts, including Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

All proceeds from the book go toward continuing writing workshops for veterans, as the main expense is paying for the Writer in Residence who leads the classes.

The public is welcome to see the veteran’s writing group share their stories live on the Leiman Mainstage at the Flat Rock Playhouse on Sunday, January 29th in Flat Rock, NC. Tickets will be sold the day-of at the playhouse for $20 and proceeds go to support the Blue Ridge Honor Flight.

Your hosts for this episode of RedPubpod are Richard Eller, Executive Director & Robert Canipe, Publisher

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