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Episode 60: How To Build Your Author Legacy

You not only know you want to write a book, but you want to write multiple books and leave a legacy of core messages from your business and life experiences that will live beyond your lifetime. In today’s episode, I break down the unique, embodied path for creating this legacy.

Here is the summary:

  • You have been getting that tug for a reason
  • How will you feel when you are holding your book?
  • Get connected to that feeling
  • Create a (flexible) aligned plan
  • Get into the vision of your book(s)
  • Embody the vision & take action from that feeling

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When it comes to whether a book is a good idea or not, I have TONS of experience in that department. As a professor of English turned embodied writing coach, this episode will guide you through a simple process for knowing whether a book is for you and how to get started with ease!

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