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Episode 55: Laura Wieck, author “The BodyMind Method”

Get excited because we have a special guest today!

In a world that praises and centers the brain as the primary source for healing and transformation, Laura Wieck has spent her career helping others connect to the wisdom within their body and fully live life connected. The past 7 years, she has grown BodyMind Coaching into a world-class coach training organization that has trained hundreds of holistic practitioners around the world to incorporate the BodyMind Method© into their services to better support clients while building healthy, wealthy, and aligned businesses for themselves.

Most recently she became a Certified Equity-Centered Leader and published her first book, The BodyMind Method: A 4-Part Framework for Embodied Entrepreneurs to grow their impact and their income. In today’s episode, we talk all about her writing journey, her book, and her hopes for a better world where everybody has the freedom to live life fully and safely.

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