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Redhawk Publications is an artistic initiative of the Catawba Valley Community College, publishing written works of interest for the local community, the state of North Carolina as well the entire United States. Established in 2017, CVCC is the only North Carolina community college with a publishing division and has over 75 unique titles. The podcast, “RedPubPod” acts as a companion to the works of our authors.  Be sure to check out the podcast and subscribe so that you can hear author interviews that highlight their writing processes, literary inspirations, and newest releases. 

RedPubPod #014 Cassidy Collins

Welcome to the Redhawk Publication’s podcast, REDPUBPOD! Redhawk Publications is honored to have in the studio special guest Cassidy Collins. Not only is Cassidy the newest fiction author in the Redhawk Publications stable, but she is a colleague: Cassidy is a creative staff member in the Redhawk Communications department at Catawba Valley Community College here in Hickory, North Carolina.

Join us as Cassidy discusses her creative journey and writing process. It’s daunting to think this young adult is not only holding down a full-time demanding job in a marketing department for a community college, but able to write for the fun of it. “The Aria,” her young adult, dystopian-themed novel is part of a trilogy, and was completed by the time she finished high school! In addition to a completed trilogy, she has a completed science fiction novel, “Floor #9” on the topic of chimera. (C-H-I-M-E-R-A… Yeah, get your Google Search box open to go down that rabbit hole. You’re Welcome!). She’s even written several screenplays and fan fiction scripts. Quite the prolific writer for someone in their 20s!

Cassidy divulges her literary influences (or perhaps the lack thereof…) and you can hear how the RedPubPod staff are in awe of natural-born writing talent! Cassidy is making her own path and Redhawk Publications feels honored to be a small part of her journey.

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Richard Eller, Executive Director

Robert Canipe, Publisher

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