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Hosted ByJeff Neuville & Gary Muller

A lively conversation between small business owners, entrepreneurs, and business experts sharing tools and tips to assist new businesses get up and running and existing small business grow and prosper in this challenging economy.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset with Thom Ruhe, NC IDEA

This month on the Entrepreneur Exchange podcast…Thom Ruhe, President, and CEO of NC IDEA; joins co-hosts Jeff Neuville and Gary Muller to discuss how NC IDEA is working to strengthen the North Carolina economy and support entrepreneurship throughout the state. Thom shares his entrepreneurial background and the importance of having an entrepreneurial mindset–and gives away his favorite vacation spots on this month’s Lighting Round! Plus, it’s good eats and easy travel in this month’s Small Business of the Month feature. It’s all here on the Entrepreneur Exchange!

Small Businesses of the Month: B-52s Bar and Grill & Napaway

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