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RedPubPod #012 Fiely Matias

Welcome to the Redhawk Publication’s podcast, REDPUBPOD!

Redhawk Publications is honored to have as their guest on this episode author, actor, and artist, Fiely Matias.

In this episode, Filey shares his perspective on life as an artist and how defying “NO” helps him become even more creative. Don’t ever tell Fiely NO, in short. He’ll prove ya wrong! Fiely discusses the journey that led him to write a children’s book (“Reebee Deoo, Dada”), and some of the scars received in his childhood that helped create the strong anti-bullying theme as well as the name of the book.

Hearing how Fiely and his partner in life and partner in art, Dennis Giacino, collaborate together was a lesson in relationships! They work together from their strengths and are honest with their ‘notes’ with one another. Dennis not only discussed how “Disenchanted” got mounted in New York, but also shared a glimpse of what we might see from a one-act musical version of Fiely’s book for young audiences. Stay tuned, folks! Fiely and Dennis have our attention!

Other engaging takeaways:

• Artists and Creatives Don’t Like No…. We find alternative doors.

• Find a sounding board that you can be open with. Someone that will give you honest feedback.

• Being your own advocate and champion as an artist!

• Social Media Counts…

A very introspective episode with poignant moments and lots of laughs as well!

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