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Episode 41: Getting Feedback on Your Writing: How to Ask for What You Need

“Is it good?”…“Just tell me what to fix.” These are often the ways we’ve learned to ask for feedback on our writing. Yet, neither of these requests are very helpful when writing your book.

In this week’s episode, I break down 4 powerful types of writing feedback to ask based on the stage of writing you are in and your writing needs:

  1. No response or just “thank you”
  2. Pointing or center of gravity
  3. Summary and sayback
  4. What was almost said and what I wanted to hear more about

Listen as I break down all of these response types, which I have adapted over the years from Peter Elbow and Pat Belanoff’s awesome composition book, Being A Writer. Shout out also to my dear friend and former colleague, Dr. Jennifer Buckner, for creating the awesome PDF that gave me a condensed version of what Elbow and Belanoff created in their book. I talk from this PDF in this episode (message me if you’d like a copy!).

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