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Hosted ByJeff Neuville & Gary Muller

A lively conversation between small business owners, entrepreneurs, and business experts sharing tools and tips to assist new businesses get up and running and existing small business grow and prosper in this challenging economy.

“The DO NOT’s of Business” with Julia and Ray Campbell, Campbell Design

Are you tired of people telling you what to do? This month’s Entrepreneur Exchange podcast shares things that you should NOT do when it comes to your business. Hosts Jeff Neuville and Gary Muller welcome Julia and Ray Campbell with Campbell Design who mine their twenty years of business ownership to come up with their dirty dozen list of things we should not be doing in a business setting…and sometimes even in a personal setting! Plus Julia and Ray play our Entrepreneur Exchange lightning round, and the group shares some small businesses you should be checking out. It’s all here on this month’s Entrepreneur Exchange!

Thank you to MakoRx for their partnership and for their support of Entrepreneur Exchange!

Helpful Links: CVCC Small Business Center, Manufacturing Solutions Center

Small Businesses of the Month mentioned in this episode: Justin Ramey Law, BBMae Skincare, Just Dump It, The Mad Smash