Hosted ByRichard Eller, Robert Canipe, & Patty Thompson

Redhawk Publications is an artistic initiative of the Catawba Valley Community College, publishing written works of interest for the local community, the state of North Carolina as well the entire United States. Established in 2017, CVCC is the only North Carolina community college with a publishing division and has over 75 unique titles. The podcast, “RedPubPod” acts as a companion to the works of our authors.  Be sure to check out the podcast and subscribe so that you can hear author interviews that highlight their writing processes, literary inspirations, and newest releases. 

RedPubPod #005 Greg Triggs

“Special needs. Addiction. Divorce. Righteous grandmas. Overwhelmed parents. One kid in the closet and another on the road as a showgirl. How can it all be happening in the same family?”

This podcast features an extensive interview with Redhawk Publication’s fiction author, Greg Triggs.

Author of the newly released book, “That Which Makes Us Stronger” has a compelling and very humorous story that he puts into fiction, acknowledging it’s about 70% true. New York-based Triggs opens up about his life and family and how the book is really a love song and tribute to not on his brother and dad, but to all in his family that helped make him who he is.

Come join us and listen as Greg discusses how this semi-autobiographical book came to be.

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Today’s Hosts: 

Patty Thompson, Project Coordinator of Redhawk Publications

Robert Canipe, Publisher of Redhawk Publications