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A lively conversation between small business owners, entrepreneurs, and business experts sharing tools and tips to assist new businesses get up and running and existing small business grow and prosper in this challenging economy.

Cardstalk with Steph and Brandon Prime

How does a start-up get traction with a new product and a way that changes how a retail category does business? Join this month’s Entrepreneur Exchange to see how entrepreneurs Steph and Brandon Prime are working to change the greeting card business with their start-up, Cardstalk, working with artists, retailers, and customers to provide unique greeting cards using in-store kiosks…and saving retailers valuable shelf space. They also discuss partners and resources such as NC IDEA and Venture Asheville which have helped them on their journey. Plus co-hosts Jeff Neuville and Gary Muller share small businesses of the month on this edition of the Entrepreneur Exchange!

Thank you to MakoRx for their partnership and for their support of Entrepreneur Exchange!

CVCC Small Business Center

Resources: NC IDEAVenture Asheville

Small Businesses of the Month: The Factory, Maria’s Pink Box , The Sports Bra