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Navigating the frequently mysterious, sometimes frightening, and often humorous world of caregiving. If you are juggling the needs of spouses, children, step-children, pets, work, volunteer activities and parents and in-laws, this show is for you!

Physical Activity in The Prevention of Cognitive Decline and Dementia

Dementia is at an all-time high in America. Many adult children are starting to notice declines in their aging parents. In this podcast, we learn about ways that we can help prevent these declines in our older adults.

In this episode, host Frances Hall, Founder and Executive Director of ACAPcommunity, Adult Children of Aging Parents, and Alexis Richmond, Intern from Winston-Salem State University are joined by:

Dr. Jenny Etnier, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Greensboro, NC.

Ms. Ann Marie DiSerafino MS, gerontologist, Raleigh, NC.

This episode of The Caregiver Community is made possible by our sponsor, Pace @ Home in Hickory, NC.

While providing care for her mother, Frances S. Hall, Founder and Executive Director of ACAPcommunity began ACAP as a monthly educational support program for fellow faculty and staff on a small NC university campus, then transitioned the program into a nationally-unique, community-impact nonprofit model in 2012. With a master’s degree in higher education administration and a 30+-year career in higher education and nonprofits, Frances continues to lead the growing organization as it continues to provide information, resources support, and community for adult children and others who care for older loved ones.