My Dad Watches The Bachelor

Hosted ByFather & Daughter

The podcast where a millennial daughter watches ABC's hit show The Bachelor and get this… so does her Dad. They discuss the show, its outcomes, and the highs and lows of being a c-list celebrity. All with a good dose of fatherly advice in each episode.

The Bjorn Borg of The Bachelorette

Join Meredith and Dad as they dive into the first week of dates in Minneapolis. They discuss Joe’s date and his potential with Michelle, Meredith’s new idea for group dates, and Chris’s unsurprising exit. They also talk about Taylor Swift’s 10-minute version of All Too Well and Meredith gives some insight on why people don’t like Jake Gyllenhaal. If you have any questions for Meredith or Dad, message them on Instagram or email them at

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