My Mom is a Bitch

Hosted ByJill Maragos

Have a parent or sibling who can be flat-out evil to you? Or a partner who started out so sweet and loving only to turn into the devil incarnate? But, somehow, everyone else thinks they’re just great? You’re not crazy. You’re just in a relationship with a narcissist!

Bitchin’ About Triangulation and “Thank you, Mind”

When the smoke dissipates from the love bombing phase and the narcissist starts to play games, Triangulation is one of their favorite tools to make you miserable! In this episode we take a hard look at what happens when the narcissist starts pitting people (sometimes loved ones, sometimes complete strangers) against each other to keep themselves in power. And, the self-help tool for the week is “Thank you, Mind!” What the hell is that? Tune in and find out! BONUS! This episode contains an EXTRA self-help tool that’s simple, quick and super effective. Have a listen!

Each week Jill Maragos will dive into who these sneaky SOB’s really are, what they do, and why they do it.  And, she will share some tips and tricks for becoming “narcissist proof” (spoiler alert – it’s loving yourself! And, it’s not as hard as it seems.).

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Jill Maragos grew up in Buffalo, NY where she earned Bachelor’s Degrees in Broadcast Journalism and Mechanical Engineering. She developed her sense of humor while surviving her crazy family (an actual professional would probably call it a ‘coping mechanism’). Although she herself is not a professional therapist/counselor, she is very much a survivor of it. She is a nationally touring Stand-Up Comic working regularly with Greg Proops (Whose Line is it Anyway? – ABC) and Tom Papa (Co-Host of What a Joke with Papa and Fortune – SiriusXM). She lives in Memphis with her husband, Matt, and her two dogs, Oscar and Ernie.