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Navigating the frequently mysterious, sometimes frightening, and often humorous world of caregiving. If you are juggling the needs of spouses, children, step-children, pets, work, volunteer activities and parents and in-laws, this show is for you!

“What’s Fueling You…?” with Mary Remmes Caregiver Coach

Host Frances Hall of ACAPcommunity and co-host AJ Kerley of Pace @ Home, Hickory, NC welcome Mary Remmes, Caregiver Coach as they discuss “What’s Fueling You as You Care for Your Aging Parent?” Caring for an aging parent or loved one can be extremely challenging. When we’re a caregiver, we are consumed by our loved one’s day-to-day needs and our stresses, and we rarely think about what may be “fueling” our actions. Understanding our motivations, goals, and emotions is critical in how we experience this phase of our lives. Developing awareness of how we choose to think about every situation we face with an aging loved one helps us recognize our strengths and helps provide us with coping tools we may not have realized we have.

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