Finding the Joy in Caregiving with Dr. Corinne Auman

Although we often hear about “caregiver burden,” there also is “caregiver Joy.” In this podcast, Dr. Corinne Auman discusses ways to look for, find, and cultivate joy in the caregiving journey. Dr. Auman is an experienced educator, researcher, and entrepreneur who received her doctorate in developmental psychology with a specialty in adulthood and aging from North Carolina State University and did post-doctoral training at the Duke University Center for Aging. She is President of Choice Care Navigators and the author of the blog Mr. Mark Hensley, Associate State Director of AARP North Carolina, chair of the ACAPcommunity Board of Directors, and a frequent speaker regarding a variety of issues related to aging, caregiving, and dementia, joins Dr. Auman and Frances Hall, Founder and Executive Director of ACAP, for this important podcast.

Thank you to Pace @ Home in Hickory, NC for sponsoring this episode!