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Navigating the frequently mysterious, sometimes frightening, and often humorous world of caregiving. If you are juggling the needs of spouses, children, step-children, pets, work, volunteer activities and parents and in-laws, this show is for you!

Leisure Experiences: Helping us Connect, Learn and Be Happy with Dr. Amy Lorek

In this episode of The Caregiver Community, Dr. Amy Lorek, Assistant Research Professor at Pennsylvania State University’s Center for Healthy Aging and Interim Director for the Women’s Leadership Initiative in the College of Health and Human Development helps us understand the importance of leisure activities and how the activities help us connect with others, remain engaged in life, at least maintain cognition, and increase happiness, particularly as we age. Dr. Lorek also describes various leisure activities that are meaningful as we age and may be used within the caregiving relationship or for one’s own consideration. Jill Lillie, Chapter Coordinator, ACAP Centre-County (PA), and Frances Hall, Founder, and Executive Director, ACAPcommunity serve as co-interviewers.

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