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Navigating the frequently mysterious, sometimes frightening, and often humorous world of caregiving. If you are juggling the needs of spouses, children, step-children, pets, work, volunteer activities and parents and in-laws, this show is for you!

Social Support Networks: Providing Care with Style While Facing New Challenges and Opportunities

Social support networks are important to the well-being for each of us and are even more important during challenging times such as when we are providing care for a loved one. Research has begun to recognize, though, that there are some important differences in supportive networks among African Americans as compared with other races. Dr. Althea Taylor Jones, retired professor and Gerontology Program administrator at Winston-Salem State University; Alexis Richmond, gerontology major at Winston-Salem State University; and Frances S. Hall, ACAP Founder, and Executive Director, help listeners better understand the make-up and importance of social support networks and how they differ among various communities.

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