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It's storytime! Watch as a regional author read their books accompanied by illustrations to entertain young children. These stories can be downloaded and played on a computer, mobile device or tablet to entertain children and even help with reading skills. 

Whose Hoof is That?

Grab your copy of “Whose Hoof is That?” here and read along with the audio-only version below!

Yes, the whole thing rhymes.
Maybe, it’s a book for children; maybe it’s a children’s book for the parents.  Either way, your kid will learn something.
Hopefully, it’s the ABC’s
Shouldn’t you have fun while you are teaching your kids something?
Why Not Make it a Coffee Table Book? Just because it’s a children’s book doesn’t mean it has to sit on a shelf.
Ready, Set, Break! It is a little longer than the average children’s book, but the book is designed to give you breaks where you need them.
Age is just a number. This book is good for everyone from 1-100( after that they may get a little tired).

Joe Garrick is the author of “Whose Hoof Is That?” and a North Carolina native. Joe grew up in Hickory, NC, and attended “THE” Appalachian State University. Joe currently works in sales for a data analytics company in the healthcare industry. Joe is also an aspiring custom hat maker and the occasional wedding officiant.  

Joe has always had a love for music, especially for rap and hip hop (and he even has a little musical talent himself). Though Joe’s hip hop career hasn’t quite taken off yet, he thought it would be nice to transition those creative skills into a different avenue that will hopefully reach a lot of people. Joe loves to make others laugh and the goal of this book is to do just that. Oh yeah, and it may also help the kids learn something.