I Guess I’ll Do It with Pat House

Hosted ByPat House

I Guess I’ll Do It (with Pat House) features a one-on-one conversation with comedians discussing their earliest comedy influences when they decided they would try stand-up and that very first time they stepped on stage. We chat about our favorite comics, share horror stories from the road, and talk shop about all the joys/nightmares that live within stand-up comedy. 

Dan Cummins’ First Time

Dan Cummins is the hardest working comic I know. He’s also the comic I’ve worked with the most. We met in Cleveland four years ago, hit it off, and we’ve toured all over the country together and I learned a ton working with him. With eight albums, FOUR HUNDRED MILLION Pandora streams and – wait for it – THREE podcasts of his own, I’m glad he found time to chat. In this episode, we discuss his early days in comedy, dabbling as a guitar act, working the road, memorable shows we’ve had together and encores.

Pat House is a nationally-touring comedian based out of Philadelphia. A regular performer in comedy clubs, casinos and theaters all over the country, Pat has been a choice opener for Sebastian Maniscalco, Tom Segura and Dan Cummins. He recorded his first album Biggest Thing in 2013, and his latest album Heard Enough Yesterdayhit #1 on the iTunes comedy chartsBoth can be heard on iTunes, Amazon and Pandora.