The Excursion with David Zelski

Hosted ByDavid Zelski

Host David Zelski explores Georgia and the rest of the US for a set of adventures that showcase a particular region.

The Excursion: Central Georgia State Park Excursion

Host David Zelski embarks on a central Georgia State Park Excursion. Challenges await in the Richard B. Russell State Park for golf, a stop at Fort Yargo State Park for a historical tour and mountain biking, kayaking at the Chattahoochee River State Park (with a calf rescue!), and tree climbing at the Panola Mountain State Park. Will David complete his challenges or will his crew reap the reward? All in this episode of The Excursion!

Richard B. Russell State Park

Fort Yargo State Park

Chattahoochee River State Park

Panola Mountain State Park