The Excursion with David Zelski

Hosted ByDavid Zelski

Host David Zelski explores Georgia and the rest of the US for a set of adventures that showcase a particular region.

The Excursion: The Coastal Georgia State Park Excursion

Host David Zelski embarks on a coastal Georgia State Park adventure. Challenges await in the Stephen C. Foster State Park (Okefenokee Swamp) for alligator spotting, Crooked River State Park for a tour of Fort King Goerge, and a stop at Brazell’s Creek Golf Club at Gordonia- Altamaha State Park. Will David complete his challenges or will his crew reap the reward? All in this episode of The Excursion!   

Check out some of the places from this episode!

Steven C. Foster State Park

Crooked River State Park

Gordonia-Altamaha State Park