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Giving a look inside the mind of a writer and the difference of technique from person to person, A Writers Voice offers a spotlight on writing talent in Western North Carolina.

The Writer’s Voice: Garrick Lane

On this unique episode of The Writers Voice, we welcome Garrick Lane. He is a writer on the verge of making something happen as he still is allowed to continue to pitch his ideas because they’re good. He’s versed on the ins and outs of pitching, format and story arch – and rejection.

Recently, he finished his faith-based feature script, which is being shopped to raise capital for production, while working on two fantasy-based television episodes for Prime. All this on top of beginning work for his Bank Heist film script. He ghosts writes for people in the industry, composes blogs, produces a podcast about films nobody has heard of, he designs RPG game modules, and runs a successful Video Marketing company.

Writing is one of the hardest things he does. The only thing that is harder is parenting. He knows this because it’s really all he’s ever done.

Book mentioned by Garrick in today’s show:

The Hero with a Thousand Faces (Unabridged) – Joseph Campbell