The Writer’s Voice

Hosted ByLenoir-Rhyne University

Giving a look inside the mind of a writer and the difference of technique from person to person, A Writers Voice offers a spotlight on writing talent in Western North Carolina.

The Writer’s Voice: Isabel Reid

Hosted by Mary-Margaret Baker with guest Isabel Reid, Senior English major at Lenoir-Rhyne University.

Readings: Colombiwa, En Español, Gringa, and Finetic Speller (see below).

Finetic Speller

I nowe how I spell
There is no nead four you to point
My eers and hands are directly linked
By a silver spindel of thought and sound
Call me a Fientic Speller

I beleve spelling is math
An equasion
F = Ph
As acording to the transitive property of English
That doesn’t deem me an ignoramouse
I am a Phinetic Speller

Spelling is a condesending puzzle
One wrong peice
It chuckles and sneers
“Poor thing can’t see a thing
Her ‘i’s are all mixed up”
I’m not blind
Just a Phenetic Speller

Spelling is a bad teacher
Bitter and burnt out
Two tired to notice
That I am human too
Deserving of a chance to lift my head and say
“I know the answer”
‘E’ is ‘o’
But my past mistakes ever glint red
And when spelled out, read
Nothing but a Phonotic Speller”

Spelling is life
It requires balance
A give and take of thought
Too much “o”
Not enough “e”
Cross it out
Move on
One letter at a time
I grow stronger, dare I say, wiser

Words may fool me
But I am no fool
I am a fighter
A writer
And least of all
A Phonetic Speller