New Stuff: Hey Siri, I’ll Take One of Each…

The latest Apple announcements have brought us an iPad Pro, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, and a new Apple TV (to Alan’s extreme excitement). Chess and Alan pick apart all of these new products, discuss whether or not they will plan to get one and why, and do a little slamming of the Apple Watch while they’re at it. Along for the ride on this episode is Apple fanboy Chris Frye (co-host of the Footcandle Films podcast). Plus, there is some very brief talk about Google and Microsoft somewhere in there… maybe towards the very end.

Your panelists: Chess Hoyle (Twitter: @chesshoyle,, Alan Jackson (Twitter: @alanjackson,, Chris Frye (Twitter: @chrisfrye, www.jginteractive)

Alan’s Pick: Calm (iOS)

Chess’s Pick: Boxer (iOS)

Chris’s Pick: The Simpsons-Tapped Out

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