Footcandle Films: Ant-man Shorts

Ant-Man”, a.k.a. Marvel’s latest entry into their cinematic universe, stars Paul Rudd as a recently released from prison burglar who becomes a wisecracking superhero. To balance out their review of this blockbuster the hosts do a roundup of short films you might want to check out. Chris also had a chance to see the new comedy from Judd Apatow “Trainwreck” and spends a few moments sharing his thoughts. Rounding out the show are some silver screen news items and recommendations of films you might not have heard of.

Short films discussed: “3×3”, “Feast”, “The Phone Call”, “Sweet Cocoon”, “The Voorman Problem”, “A Single Life”, “Parvaneh”, “Luminaris”, & “Do I Have to Take Care Of Everything?”.

2015 Oscar Nominated Short Films Live Action

2015 Oscar Nominated Short Films Animation

Recommendations: “Laggies”, “What Happened, Miss Simone?

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