New Stuff: Sony Hacks, Uber Woes, and Xbox Rants

Did you know Sony Pictures was recently hacked and had terabytes worth of data stolen and shared? And did you know cab-sharing service Uber is experiencing some public relations issues? And what about the iPod classic… did you know it was officially “retired”?

Alan and Chess know these things. And they talk about them for the good part of an hour, along with Chess’ rant about the Xbox, Alan’s pontification on Internet set-top boxes, and Chess’ second rant about Adobe Creative Cloud. It’s all on this month’s Lee-Free episode of “New Stuff”!

Picks of the Month: “Acorns” (Alan), and “Adobe Shape CC” (Chess), both on iOS App Store.

Your panelists: Chess Hoyle (Twitter: @chesshoyle,, Alan Jackson (Twitter: @alanjackson,

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