Entrepreneur Exchange: Marketing Mayhem!

Marketing Mayhem!!!! Start-ups and small businesses typically have limited marketing budgets to get their message out. Hosts Jeff Neuville and Gary Muller are joined on this month’s Entrepreneur Exchange by Russ Seagle from The Premier Entrepreneurship Group to talk about effective low-cost marketing techniques for your start-up or small business and destroy some long-held marketing myths. And don’t miss this month’s recommendations for Small Business of the Month. Want to nominate a business for our Entrepreneur Exchange Small Business of the Month? Send your email to eexchange@themesh.tv.

Gary Muller is the Business Programs Department Head of Catawba Valley Community College, as well as a member of the National Association of Community Colleges for Entrepreneurship (NACCE).

Jeff Neuville is the Director of the Small Business Center at Catawba Valley Community College, as well as involved in Business Assist NC

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