New Stuff: The Unintentionally Delayed Episode

Boy, is this embarrassing… we recorded a great episode in mid-August, well before the Apple iPhone/Watch announcement and before any other interesting Samsung/Motorola phone announcements in early September… but have just now got around to posting the episode. The egg on our face is quite noticeable. So, if you like hopping in a time machine and listening to three people talk about news and events that are probably irrelevant by now, here you go! If nothing else, the App Picks of the month should still be worth checking out.

Your panelists: Chess Hoyle (Twitter: @chesshoyle, Lee Yount (Twitter: @leeyount)
Alan Jackson (Twitter: @alanjackson,

GHKClogoThis episode is sponsored by the Greater Hickory Kia Classic at Rock Barn Golf & Spa in Conover, NC. For tickets and additional information go to

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