Stepping Up Service: Making it Easy to Say “Yes” to the Customer

We’ve all had those experiences where we hear that dreaded word “NO” from a customer service representative, whether we are asking for assistance in a matter or looking for a company to do something a bit outside of their normal operations. Unfortunately, in many situations, those people we are speaking to are saying “NO” to us because their organization has not made it easy for them to say “YES”. Alan talks with Ed about how an organization can set up an environment that enables and empowers its employees to say “YES” more often to customers. Some of these goals are discussed in this episode, including making goals clear, modifying policies/procedures, motivating, and modeling these behaviors.

Ed Gagnon is the President of Customer Service Solutions, helping organizations develop long-term relationships with their clients and partnering with them to meet their core customer service needs. Learn more about Customer Service Solutions at

Alan Jackson is President of The Jackson Group, a survey and consulting firm specializing in employee engagement surveys, patient satisfaction surveys, market research studies and leadership development. Learn more about The Jackson Group at


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