Anglers & Appetites Episode 2: Baitin’ Up in the Boro

Dave and Phil travel to Statesboro, Georgia for some fishing, cooking, and even football!

Anglers & Appetites takes two of America’s favorite pastimes and combines them for a half-hour extravaganza on Fox Sports South.

Our Angler, Dave Zelski, takes to the waterways fighting top game fish and delivering a few epic battles.  Dave will join local fishing guides and often find famous or interesting people who love to be on the water to bring in the day’s meal. Dave’s passion for fishing makes you want to get out there with him.

Our Appetite, Phil Proctor, will at the same time be searching the local community for the most animated local chef to prepare what Dave brings in. Phil has a tremendous love for life and people, and his excitement is contagious.

Together Dave and Phil will also venture to some of the most appealing places to visit in the local areas. Viewers will know where to travel, where to stay, where to fish and where to eat in every community we visit.  “Anglers & Appetites” is a fun, fast-paced adventure for the entire family.

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