Podcast: Boeheim’s Blowup

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Musical Selections: “Tonight’s The Night” – Rod Stewart, “Once In A Very Blue Moon” – Nanci Griffith

Here are a few time stamps to note from their conversation earlier this week:

0:08 – Hayes gives the rundown.

0:45 – You know where we’re starting – the end of the Duke-Syracuse game. Hayes respects the Boeheim meltdown. Jim enjoyed it, but thinks it was dumb. Hayes thinks it might have been calculated. Jim … doesn’t.

8:18 – So … was it a good call? Or a bad one? And how does Scottie Pippen figure into all of this?

12:35 – Was Fair standing out of bounds when he caught the initial pass? And was there a second shooter? And how do Newman and Roger McDowell figure into all of this?

14:45 – Can we come up with another word for what Duke-Syracuse has become? It doesn’t have the history to be a rivarly. Maybe it’s a … feud?

19:44 – Have we given Virginia enough love?

27:13 – Bubble talk! This conversation took place before Clemson-Wake, so enjoy Jim’s mistaken optimism. And uhh … Pitt, fellas … you uhh, want to get it in gear soon?

29:45 – Which fan base is going to be most angry about a first-team All-ACC snub?

36:28 – Should the All-ACC first team be expanded? Should everyone just get a participation trophy too?

38:57 – Is Karl Hess getting an unfair amount of media attention?

47:33 – Hayes reviews his memorable week. This includes an in-depth breakdown of the annual pre-Duke-UNC media game. Conclusion – Hayes got outcoached. Jim gushes over Jack McCallum and NBA media availability. They swap stories about getting coaches’ cell phone numbers.

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