Podcast: Whistles & Hot Seats

Welcome in to the latest Podcast, presented by Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Bar-B-Q!

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0:08 – Hayes gives the rundown.

1:15 – Is there any stone left unturned from the N.C. State-Syracuse game? And does this go into the annals of #NCSTATESHEEEEEEEEEEE …?

6:10 – Syracuse is unbeaten … but is it actually the third-best team in the ACC?

11:55 – Just how bad is the bottom of the ACC? (This was recorded WHILE Virginia Tech was ahead of UVa in the second half, of course.)

15:08 – The podcast is short on material, so let’s crank up some HOT SEAT TALK!!!!

17:23 – Hayes tries to make the “Ron Wellman argument for keeping Bzdelik” argument. Jim discusses the extra salty element of the Wake fan base.

24:58 – Why the ACC would reaaaally have liked to see N.C. State knock off Syracuse.

29:10 – Another week, another rush of angry ref tweets sent to @ACCSports. A random digression into musicals. Then back to a philosophical discussion of referees and Jim connects it to journalism. And can we find a better way to measure ref performance? Seriously, this will all make sense if you listen to it.

39:23- Oh yeah … Duke-Maryland. And Duke-UNC. Probably should talk about both of those games.

42:20 – Jim reveals that he’s shaken up his first-team All-ACC. More Duke-UNC talk.

Musical Selections: “Tracks of My Tears” by the Pharaohs and “Bring Him Home” sung by Colm Wilkinson/Les Miserables soundtrack

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  1. J E says:

    This podcast would be significantly better if the host would please stop talking!!! My God the incoherent rambling. Take a breather man.

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