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The Caregiver Community: Health & Medical Issues

In this episode, Jane and Frances chat with Annette Crombie, a nurse educator with expertise in gerontology and a fellow adult-child caregiver. They discuss common health and medical issues adult child caregivers should be aware of when interacting with their parents, strategies for conducting reliable Internet research on medical issues, strategies for monitoring medication, and suggestions for balancing advocacy and caregiving roles as parents age.

2 comments on “The Caregiver Community: Health & Medical Issues

  1. Kimberly Richards says:

    Very informative. Not only relevant information pertinent to my aging parents but also for myself and my husband. I realize that one day we also will be aging parents and this information is very eye-opening . Thank you for sharing your stories and your insight.

    1. Frances Hall says:

      Thank you, Kimberly! Your note affirms our aims for ACAP — to support us adult-children as we care for our aging parents and to help us prepare for our own aging. We’re glad the podcast was helpful to you, and hope you’ll subscribe to The Caregiver Community. There is a great schedule of 2014 presentations that you won’t want to miss. And, if you have other family members or friends you believe may benefit from the podcast, we hope you will share it with them.

      On a related note — Would you mind sharing with us how you learned of the podcast and, in general, your location? Although ACAP was launched in the Hickory, NC area in 2012, the Caregiver Community podcast began in January 2014. The strong need for support among adult-child caregivers is prompting significant growth for ACAP and its related programs, and we are continually interested in how people learn of the programs, particularly as ACAP’s reach expands beyond Hickory. Any insight you would offer will be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks so much for your affirmation of ACAP!

      Frances S. Hall
      Director, ACAPcommunity

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