Podcast: Sickness, Snow & Hoops

0:08 – Hayes gives the rundown.

0:40 – Jim is sick (and forced to do this podcast via phone because the Hustledome Studios were unavaliable); Hayes has ZERO sympathy.

1:34 – Time to move on to THE story that everyone on Tobacco Road is talking about … Laura Keeley’s Jabari Parker piece! Jim laments that his brilliant Twitter joke went unnnoticed. Meanwhile, is it possible that the ACC old guard was glad to see Duke win at Pitt?

6:46 – After watching Rodney Hood shut down Lamar Patterson, Jim wonders if maybe, just maybe, his blind vote for Hood as ACC Preaseason Player of the Year might be … right?

10:58 – Duke back? Syracuse-Duke, Game of the Century? Is it time to jump the Pitt bandwagon?

12:33 – Handshakegate. Was Jamie Dixon mad at K? The refs? His team? The world? Jim and Hayes do a Zapruder Filmesque breakdown of the video.

16:43 – Did Jim nail his Clemson hype or WHAT? Can we just forget that ever happened?

19:23 – Obligatory ACC/Super Bowl talk. Which means obligatory TOB/Russell Wilson/Mike Glennon Saga rehashing. Jim gives some love to Bebe Thomas. What was tougher – Thomas playing wideout in the triple option? Or fellow Techster Calvin Johnson playing wideout with Reggie Ball as his QB?

23:07 – Things get chippy and Jim accuses Hayes of being soft. Then they get philosophical about how to judge what a player gets out of college, development-wise. Which somehow leads them from Megatron to Miles Plumlee to Michael Jordan. Trust us, it makes sense if you listen.

29:45 – Jim and Hayes shower some affection on two ACC guys each who have turned their head for their hoops exploits in the past week. Not surprisingly, Hayes goes Tobacco Road while Jim goes Virginia.

Musical Selections: “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking” by The Rolling Stones, “She’s Electric” by Oasis

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