Podcast: Losses & Lawsuits

Welcome in to the latest Podcast, presented by Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Bar-B-Q!

Musical Selections: “Two To Tango” by Ray Charles & Betty Carter, “Say No Go” by De La Soul

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0:08 – Hayes gives the rundown.

1:10 – Jim and Hayes dip into their vast reservoir of legal knowledge to discuss Maryland’s latest countersuit against the ACC. The ACC trying to lure Big Ten schools away? Really? And if true, is that even a legal issue?

11:03 – Hayes TOTALLY blew a chance to pound his chest for landing John Swofford as a guest on the David Glenn Show on the same day the Maryland countersuit made news.

14:46 – Hayes Permar was LITERALLY the worst media person in Cameron Indoor Stadium on Monday night. Discuss …

23:40 – Did Jim abandon his UVa/Tony Bennett crush too soon? Apparently so. But seriously, did that 35-point loss to Tennessee really happen?

29:20 – Good gosh, are they STILL talking UVa hoops? Let’s move on to a #NewSchoolUpdate – can Syracuse run the table in the ACC?

32:54 – Are those new rules still being enforced?

34:46 – Let’s go a totally different direction and discuss … Clemson basketball! Are the Tigers sneaky good? Can Jaron Blossomgame be a difference maker? Then Hayes uses the word “underrated” about 80 times.

38:38 – Jim complains about how hard it is to do his weekly power rankings.

42:13 – Is Hayes the real life Cosmo Kramer? He’s got some groundbreaking ideas about shower multi-tasking.

48:42 – Who wants to talk about Bobby Petrino’s return to Louisville? Not Hayes and Jim.

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