Podcast: #ACCcarols & Awards

It’s the latest Podcast for December 18th, 2013, presented by Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Bar-B-Q.

Musical Selections: “Spirit of Christmas” by Ray Charles and “Merry Christmas, Baby” by Otis Redding

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0:08 – Hayes gives the rundown.

1:00 – Jim and Hayes go through the best #ACCcarols submissions. Enjoy the sound of them scrolling through their Twitter search columns. Totally unrelated – who gets credit for coming up with the name “Cavadonkey”?

9:12 – THE ACC WILL TAKE ALL YOUR MAJOR COLLEGE FOOTBALL AWARDS, THANK YOU!!!! Also, Jim quizzes Hayes on which awards go to which position. And hey, how deep was the ACC at kicker? And what does the ACC domination of these awards say about ACC football talent in general? Jim advances his Cutler/Leinart theory.

17:12 – Hayes determines we don’t need to talk UNC hoops … and then launches into a lengthy analysis of UNC hoops. Can James Michael McAdoo really be an “energy guy”?

24:10 – Other intriguing ACC basketball storylines. BC basketball … wha’ happen?

28:15 – #NewSchoolUpdate! Jim does an embarrasing amount of gush about Pitt. (Note: This podcast was recorded BEFORE the Cincinatti debacle.) (Additional note: Jim REALLY wanted Hayes to edit this part out.)

32:56 – Drum roll …. and the winner of the #ACCcarols contest is …. (Teaser!!!)

36:44 – No, really, we’re definitely picking the winner now …

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