Podcast: Goodbye Grobe, Hello Title Game

It’s the latest Podcast for December 3rd, 2013, presented by Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Bar-B-Q

Musical selection this week from Lyle Lovett (I’ve Been to Memphis) and Sufjan Stevens (Sister Winter).

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Here are a few time stamps to note from their conversation earlier this week:

0:08 – Hayes gives the rundown.

1:04 – Jim Grobe has retired. Jim and Hayes recorded this discussion on Monday 30 minutes before Grobe’s press conference, so enjoy the potentially outdated speculation! Also, how good of a job is Wake now?

10:49 – The All-ACC team has been announced and FSU fans are NOT happy. Do they have a legit gripe? Is the whole voting system flawed? And what does Camp Seagull have to do with all this?

21:22 – An incredibly awkward discussion about dance tights and some thing called a … dance belt. Somehow this segueways into talk about Duke and the ACC title game. Can the Blue Devils keep this going beyond 2013? And would Jim take FSU and the 29 points?

31:56 – If Duke loses in the ACC Championship Game, where would the Blue Devils likely go bowling? 

35:25 – How should Clemson fans feel about a 10-2 season that includes a win over Georgia but losses in the only other games that mattered to the Tigers – FSU and South Carolina?

43:08 – The change in officiating in college hoops? Jim and Hayes are all for it. 

48:31 – ACC/Big Ten Challenge. Let’s look past the obvious – Duke/Michigan and UNC/Michigan State – what are the games that we’re looking forward to watching over the next two nights?

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