Stepping Up Service: Customer Experience Management

Ed brought up a blog post recently where an avid NFL fan explained that they were not renewing their season tickets because of the “fan experience”.  This leads Ed and Alan to define “Customer Experience Management”, and address how what brings your customers in often differs from what keeps them.  Ed and Alan go through some various industry scenarios where the customer experience could make the difference as to whether we, as customers, “stay” or “go”.

Plus, as always, everyone’s favorite portion of the show… the “Customer Service Experiences of the Month”!

SHOW NOTE:  Ed’s blog post, where he references the original NFL fan’s post, can be found at

Ed Gagnon is the President of Customer Service Solutions, helping organizations develop long-term relationships with their clients and partnering with them to meet their core customer service needs.  Learn more about Customer Service Solutions at

Alan Jackson is President of The Jackson Group, a survey and consulting firm specializing in employee engagement surveys, patient satisfaction surveys, market research studies and leadership development.  Learn more about The Jackson Group at

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