Podcast: Fan Rules & Early Hoops

It’s time again for the latest Podcast, presented by Smithfield’s Chicken and Bar-B-Q!

0:08 – Hayes gives the rundown.

1:00 – Yep, we’re still talking about the Coastal Cluster. And Jim provides Miami-Georgia Southern live score updates!

7:38 – Is what’s good for FSU good for the ACC? Jim thinks so. Also, why does Hayes hate Pitt so much? Then they really do talk Pitt-Notre Dame. Seriously.

12:20 – Bowl projections! Who’s excited about them!!?!? Not Jim.

16:22 – A little Clemson football conversation … and Hayes cracks on Jim’s home state.

20:46 – How did the ACC fare in its first weekend of hoops? This leads to an appreciation of Duke’s offense … and Jabari Parker.

30:38 – More hoops talk and Hayes glosses over the new teams again …

35:11 – Next Saturday UNC will have a home football game and a home hoops game at the same time. What’s a Tar Heel fan to do? Jim feels strongly about which choice is the right one. This leads to larger philosophical discussion of when fans should attend games.

44:10 – More pet peeves from Jim Young: Arbitrer Of Fan Morality.

47:30 – Bring On Bama? Heck no. Root for Baylor instead.

Musical Selections: “Einstein on the Beach” – Counting Crows, “Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye” – The Casinos

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