Podcast: Miami and Media Day

It’s time again for the latest Podcast, presented by Smithfield’s Chicken and Bar-B-Q!

0:08 – Hayes gives the rundown.

0:46 – We start with off- the-field talk at Miami, where the U finally got an answer from the NCAA.

5:45 – Consistency of NCAA investigations/sanctions vs. unique circumstances of each major scandal … discuss.

16:53 – Game of the Century, Take 2: FSU-Miami!

17:46 – But first, a little review of Game of the Century, Take 1: FSU #beatemdown over Miami.

18:46 – Jameis Winston talk takes over the podcast. It won’t be the last time.

26:15 – Duke-UVa talk starts with John Feinstein upgrading Duke to “dwarf” status. Hayes sees it as a compliment, Jim disagrees.

32:30 – Updates on the new schools! (note: should we discuss when to stop calling them “the new schools”?)

34:26 – “New school” talk naturally flows into basketball talk–Jim and Hayes swap ACC Media Day stories.

41:40 – First impressions of Jim Boeheim.

45:13 – Did someone say Boeheim? Sounds like a good excuse to discuss the ACC Tournament. This week Hayes is moving it to … Greenville, S.C.

50:30 – Hayes describes getting owned by Akil Mitchell.

Musical Selection: ” ‘Round Midnight” by Thelonius Monk

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