Podcast: Power Rankings & Pipe Dreams

It’s time again for the latest Podcast, presented by Smithfield’s Chicken and Bar-B-Q!

0:08 – Hayes gives the rundown.

0:44 – Jim’s got 99 problems … and the ACC Power Rankings are 98 of them. Also, just how low can the ACC’s “Big Four” go?

3:48 – Hayes is feeling kind of optimistic about Wake … Jim’s not on board yet.

9:58 – Hayes believes in the “Dead Stadium Home Field Advantage” … Jim’s not quite on board with this either.

15:40 – Are we having hot seat talk already? Did you catch the second half of UVa-Ball State? Hayes then has an interesting factoid about Jon Tenuta … with no research to back it up. Is it time to hire a show intern? All the while Hayes munches on Twizzlers.

20:13 -GAME OF THE CENTURY!!! Jim and Hayes talk Clemson-FSU and Hayes ramps up talk for the … rematch? … Jim’s not on board here either.

23:48 – Maryland finally stumbles, and the rest of the ACC Twitterati was ready to pounce. Hayes keeps trying to make the case for his FSU-Clemson national title game pipe dream. Oh, and does Jameis Winston have a personal jeweler on the FSU training staff? Then it’s time for your regularly scheduled “Gush over Jameis” part of the podcast.

29:45 – Repeat after us, kids: “Conference strength is ALL about your top teams.”

32:10 – Syracuse-Clemson. Let’s talk about Tajh Boyd’s perform- … nah, let’s talk DABO V SHAFER!!! WHO YOU GOT!?!!!???! ORANGE ON ORANGE VIOLENCE!! RAAWWRRRR!!!!

39:08 – How can ranking fraternities and sororities be tied to ranking the ACC’s football programs? Hayes makes the tenuous connection.

48:12 – Jim still doesn’t understand why some fan bases hate their conferences. Can’t we all just get along?

Featured Music: “Soda Jerk” by Buffalo Tom

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