Life As An Intern – 9/20/13

Whoa! It has been a very interesting journey with Jackson Group Interactive so far, with everything that I have learned and the projects that I’ve had to complete. So far, I have really begun to understand how the Jackson Group works and see them in action. I have learned a lot with their podcasts and the way that they attract their listeners. Some of the podcasts that they have are Footcandle Films, PYSK (People You Should Know), Chick Chat, Fantasy Formula, etc. I was able to take a listen at some of the shows and began to create statuses and tweets to keep listeners updated. Some of the projects that I was able to work on were: exporting videos to YouTube and creating some blurbs about each show, similar to infomercials. With this great experience, I will say I have enjoyed it, even though the first day working on the assignments, it felt like I need a cup of coffee to feel extra professional. HAHAHA!! Besides being professional, it would have warmed me up a little because they definitely keep it chilly in here. Through it all it has been great and I enjoyed even sitting on a couple of shows, Education Matters and Footcandle. I’m still staying open to learning different techniques and new things around here.

Well, that’s my insight. Let me get back to blogging and gaining more listeners for TheMESH!! I love my major!!

Much Love, DR

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