Life As An Intern: Meet Shayna

Hey Everyone!

Honestly I thought watching movies would give me a little incite on what being an intern would feel like. I expected to come on a daily basis dreading to work in a fast pace and unruly environment. Movies such as Spider-Man, gave me the wrong impression. In that movie, the main character Peter, has an internship at a newspaper as a photographer, where his boss was very stern. I’ll admit, I was nervous coming into Jackson Group Interactive, but I’m realizing that this is reality and Spider-Man simply isn’t. I was completely wrong about everything, I guess that’s why they say everything is a learning experience. That’s my little introduction, lets get into the stuff that really matters.

My name is Shayna Smith and I live in Winston-Salem four months out of the year; the other eight are spent in the city of Hickory at Lenoir-Rhyne University. Just like Darren, I too am a 5th year senior.(Go BEARS) I am a Broadcasting and Electronic Media major and I truly enjoy what I do. I’ve often heard people say, “When you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life.” I am looking forward to having that feeling and hopefully it won’t be deceiving.

I would like to think that I am very creative and I despise being bored. I am always finding something to keep me entertained and I believe that once I’m comfortable I can be quite the comedian. Working at The Jackson Group is the perfect position for me, I’m looking forward to learning a lot and I hope the team looks forward to having my full personality evolve, even though my blog does speak for itself.

That’s it for Now!

Shayna Smith

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