Podcast: Week I Chest-Pound Edition

It’s time again for the latest Podcast, presented by Smithfield’s Chicken and Bar-B-Q!

0:08 – Hayes gives the show rundown.

0:58 – Glass-half-empty Jim is feeling pretty, pretty good about how the ACC fared in the first week! Hayes and Jim review the results.

10:08 – #AllJameisWinstonEverything. All aboard the hype train!!!!! Next stop, Oct. 19 – FSU at Clemson!!! Hayes gets even crazier and starts talking about a Clemson-FSU rematch in … the national title game!?!?

15:39 – N.C. State is off to an awesome start! Brandon Mitchell is running the offense to perfection! And then … ooof. Conversely, giddy times in Charlottesville! Also, bad news for Maryland haters: The Terps looked pretty good.

24:15 – Hayes has a complaint about all the snarky Twitter folks out there.

28:01 – It’s ACC Rivalry Week – BC vs. Wake!!! Then Hayes gets all philosophical about the roots of rivalries. Somehow this leads into a debate about whether Duke/Syracuse will be a bigger hoops rivalry than Duke/Maryland was.

42:38 – More talk about Week 2. BC/Wake, of course, but also Miami-Florida. Jim compares playing against Oregon to his son’s move from tee-ball to pitching machine. Trust me, it makes sense … kind of.

45:58 – Jim’s not sure Winston should be Famous Jameis. Hayes isn’t sure who Famous Amos was.

48:20 – Random talk time: Hayes’ explains his love for Juan Pablo Montoya. Then, things get real … North Carolina beaches vs. South Carolina beaches. Who you got???

Musical Selections: “High Life” by Steve Winwood and “Suzanne” by Weezer

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