Podcast: Finally, Football!

It’s time again for the latest Podcast, presented by Smithfield’s Chicken and Bar-B-Q!

0:08 – Hayes gives the show rundown.

1:01 – Soo, what did Hayes miss while he was gone? Do coaches deserve “leniency”? Should we feel sorry for N.C. State QB Pete Thomas? Cold-hearted Hayes doesn’t.

9:29 – Did you know the ACC is playing the SEC in three big games this weekend? Also, why does Spurrier love Duke so? Hayes does some serious X and O breakdowns … okay, not really. And is Clemson really an underdog against Georgia?

19:08 – We revisit the days of “Hayes Permar, Child Star.” Also, HAYES HAS A CAT NAMED AFTER HIM!!!!!!

25:50 – It’s time for Hayes to regale us with tales of his vacation in West Virginia! He makes a weak attempt to somehow tie this to the ACC.

35:39 – Jim braces for a season without ACC fantasy football. Basically, it’s all Hayes’ fault.

41:20 – Jim tries to get pumped for ACC BASKETBALL SCHEDULE TALK!!!!! … And fails. Also, why is Swofford such a Maryland homer?

48:38 – Which pickup basketball stereotype does Hayes fit?

53:13 – Mike Bianchi’s column on FSU and Clemson … shoddy troll job?

This week’s musical selections: “Wheelz of Steel” by Outkast, “Do Re Mi” by John Mellencamp

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