Podcast: Permar Free Edition

It’s time again for the latest Podcast, presented by Smithfield’s Chicken and Bar-B-Q!

0:08 Wait, Jim’s hosting the podcast? Oh,’s Chip
Patterson is co-hosting? Whew!!

2:30 Georgia-Clemson: Last team with the ball wins.

5:49 – After the first week will it be Go ACC! Or back to the old #goacc?

8:48 – Virginia Tech-Alabama (hides face, shudders)

13:51 – Paul Johnson love fest time again? Also, Jim does web searches
for the names of Georgia Tech wideouts, mid podcast!

18:48 – Jim’s ready to hop on the Jameis Winston bandwagon. Too soon?
Also, Chip provides a very GO ACC! Scenario.

22:12 – Is it complete heresy to start questioning Jim Grobe?

27:28 – Is this a mulligan year for Dave Doeren at N.C. State?

32:59 – Some ACC defensive coordinators are going hyper aggressive
this season. Others are going the complete opposite direction.

Music selection this week: “Would That Not Be Nice” by The Divine Fits

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